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Artist statement ​

Welcome to my Galleries! ​ Galleria du Monde (Gallery of the World!) is a living collection of my artwork featuring Natural Landscapes & Wilderness photography along with frequent accompaniments of Adventure, Travel & lifestyle projects.  ​

My intention is to present you with the beauty of unfamiliar places or moments and often, an already familiar location in a different light or perspective.  Depending on the end-goal, I utilize both Traditional captures and dynamic time-blends to obtain the visual effects I envision for any given scene.  ​

All the <TL/R> folks can stop right here and get right on to exploring my galleries!  ​

If you are further  interested in finding out more about what motivates me and what influences my work, read on! ​

I held my first DSLR with the intent of improving my photography in late 2011 and quickly realized that this newfound passion fueled my preexisting wanderlust and both of these interests sort of thrived on each another. I thus embarked on a self guided journey weaving my passion for the outdoors, travel and new experiences with the creative process of making images.  ​

Nature is my top go to for inspiration. Nothings moves me like the great outdoors! Spending time outdoors has always elevated my spirit and taught me a great deal on the orchestra of elements and the play of light - in addition to patience, preparation and of course, dealing with all kinds of disappointment! ​

I definitely enjoy spending more time on the field than browsing libraries for theory and philosophy on photo making - But with each new book read, artist discovered, technique learnt, I almost always end up contemplating what could have been possible if only I had gained that insight sooner! ​

On a creative end, to maintain a my own weird balance between learning and doing, I usually alternate in between the two and occasionally take breaks from both. This helps me maintain a fresh perspective each time I am out there shooting. and helps me do something different with how I apply myself.  ​

Ultimately, getting out there and experiencing our world is what I am primarily after - the photos make for some great icing on the proverbial cake of life!  ​

Assignments, Projects, Workshops and Prints ​

Please contact me for information on upcoming projects, Workshops and Training. ​

Most prints are available in Large format for Art Galleries, Corporate and Home Decor - Please contact me with your requirements and I am happy to assist. ​

Discounted rates Non-profits and Conservation Organizations.

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